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LetterClick BrandMail® Setup Guide
Welcome to LetterClick BrandMail®, the trouble-free service that effortlessly transforms every email you send into a professional business communication with greater impact! 1. Connect to BrandMail® The most convenient way to send BrandMail® is by connecting your email program to our branding servers - typically this is one setting in your email program.

BrandMail® Connection Instructions

Please select and click on your e-mail application in the list above. 2. Start Sending BrandMail® You are now ready to start using BrandMail®! Send a test email message now to a friend and see how it works. Just send a text email as you normally would, and it will be transformed in your BrandMail® format.

If BrandMail® is not working for you after completing instructions for your email program in Step 1., please follow the troubleshooting directions in Step 3. of the page that resolve 95% of the initial problems new BrandMail® users have in getting started.

You will receive a blind copy of each BrandMail® that your send. If you don't wish to receive these copies, consult the BrandMail® User's guide on how to set them off. However, we recommend that you keep the "blind copy" setting on for at least two weeks so that you fully understand how BrandMail® is changing your emails as they go out. You may also find it useful to have a file copy of the fully formatted emails that you send.

Please take a minute NOW to scan and Bookmark/Add to Favorites our brief User's Guide for information on ALL features of your BrandMail® service. The guide explains everything you need to know - such as - how to send an "unbranded" email, how to turn off your BCC copies, how to turn off branding inside your company, and how you can also send BrandMail® when you are away from your computer. If you have still can't send BrandMail®... 3.1 If your recipient still receives regular, unformatted email after changing your outgoing SMTP server to brandmail.letterclick.com, then it is likely that 1)the change did not actually get made - check your settings AND reboot your system or 2) that you also need to change the SMTP port setting (click to instructions above for your email program) because your ISP handles all email that come through the standard port 25 regardless of what server setting your specify.

3.2 If you receive an immediate error that includes the words "Relaying denied" when attempting to send email through our server, it is because your email program is not sending from the email address that you registered with our server. Log into your account at www.letterclick.com and check the email you registered by going to the Change My - Profile page found in the left menu. Then change your outgoing server back to the original setting, and send yourself an email. See what email address shows in the FROM line of your message - check the properties if you are using Outlook, so you will see the "name@domain" address string. If it does not match what is registered for BrandMail® this is the problem. You must add and/or select an account in your email program that has the same address as you've registered. Once you are able to send a test message to yourself that shows FROM: this address, you can then connect to our server.

3.3 If the Send As BrandMail® button for Outlook is missing after loading it, please return to the instructions for Outlook with Exchange and review the trouble shooting instructions for that configuration.

3.4 Please call us at 1-800-743-4985 if for any reason you are still unable to connect to BrandMail®. We will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for choosing BrandMail® to make professional "best impressions" that market your business every day.

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