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Partner Opportunity for Marketing Agencies
LetterClick BrandMail® is a fabulous way for your clients to make hundreds or thousands of additional brand impressions for only a few cents a day per user. With BrandMail® they can make an impression with every email sent every day. BrandMail® is also a natural addition to the portfolio of branding services you now offer your clients, and it could increase your revenues. Here is how Design & Marketing Fees While we provide a standard default BrandMail® template, the more brand-savvy companies will want their own custom template(s) that follows their graphic standards. Email templates can be simple and letterhead-like or more promotional and elaborate. It is up to you, as the marketing agency, to advise your clients and to create their BrandMail® HTML templates for them. These are billable services for you, of course.

Templates can be differentiated by department and can be changed periodically to help introduce and promote products and services. BrandMail® can also be used for personalized emailings to client mailing lists (no SPAM allowed, though!). Click here to receive a sample BrandMail® email. Commission Corporate BrandMail® pricing starts at 100 users; individuals and small businesses pay $9.95/month per email account. When you sell BrandMail® to your clients, you receive a hefty commission on their first year's fees. This can provide you with significant added revenues from your existing clients, while providing them a valuable service! Call Today This service can increase your revenues from existing customers, and can help you attract new business customers with a unique and beneficial new service. Call 1-800-743-4985 or email us at agencies@letterclick.com. And, of course, your agency will want to use BrandMail®, too!

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