Pricing Information

BrandMail® pricing includes an unlimited number of individual emails sent by each subscriber. Each email can have up to 100 addressees.

Use of special LetterClick list and group mailing features that are available to prepare multiple individualized emails - one for each addressee, is subject to a supplemental charge of $0.02 per individual email sent. Automated emailings you do with your own list mailing program through BrandMail® at 500+ emails per day are also subject to this surcharge.

Corporate Accounts
Corporate account pricing begins at 100 users. Contact us at 1-800-691-9950 for a quote.

Smaller Businesses & Individual Accounts
$20.00 setup charge, then $9.95/month per user account, billed to your credit card. Or, pay for a full year for $99.50 and get 2 months FREE!

Money Back Guarantee
We provide a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the BrandMail® service, contact us within 30 after you register for a full refund.

Full Price List
Several services and options are available beyond basic BrandMail®. Click here for a complete price list.


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