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What Is Branded Email?
Email has quickly become the most common and essential form of written business communication, yet most people aren't using it as an effective branding tool. Think about it, would you consider sending a business letter on plain white paper?

Of course not, yet most people still send plain text emails, often without even including their company name unless it's a part of their email address. Branded email is formatted with a consistent, professional look that includes your company or product logo (i.e., your brand), your signature, and your marketing message. It's like business stationery for email! How Branded Email Helps Your Business No matter if youíre a one-person home business or a large corporation, using branded email in outside business communications is one of the most effective and inexpensive marketing tools you can use. Just as printed stationery and business cards offer the opportunity to more effectively communicate and build your image and brand in the marketplace, so does branded email.

Every business email you send is an opportunity to make an impact, a chance to put forth a positive, memorable, best impression of you and your business. Non-descript, impersonal, and haphazard looking emails donít create the impression your business needs in order to grow and prosper. Branded email, on the other hand, leaves a strong, professional, dynamic impression with each and every email you send.

  • Your logo is an invaluable tool that reinforces your brand and image. Show it!
  • Your handwritten signature creates a strong, memorable, personal impression.
  • Clean, consistent formatting conveys professionalism.
  • Reinforce your marketing message by including it in every email.
  • Include links that allow recipients to read web pages containing additional information, market solutions, and offers.
Soon all businesses will use branded email. The marketing value is clear, enormous, and irrefutable. Itís inexpensive and simple to use, and solutions like BrandMail® make it as easy as sending plain email. Stop sending email that goes unnoticed and unremembered, start sending branded email today! What To Look For In A Branded Email Solution Branded email should be formatted for maximum professional impact. Itís most effective when it is tasteful, is in a generally accepted business format, and is personalized for the sender. It should include all of your companyís contact information with a link to your web site. It shouldnít be ďadsyĒ or too much like a web page. Remember, this is a business communication. Personal contact information and job title are essential. An added graphical signature makes your email more engaging, personal, and persuasive.

Itís important to make sure your branded email gets delivered, looks the same every time and for each employee in your company, and that it can be viewed no matter what email program the recipient uses. It should be possible for your recipients to file and archive your business communications and know that they will appear exactly the same in 10 years as they do today.

Some questions to ask about a proposed branded email solution:

  • Is it simple to set up and use?
  • Is it easy to make changes in the email format?
  • Does it display correctly no matter what email program a recipient uses, including older AOL, older Netscape, and text email users?
  • Does it get delivered, even after going through all commercial grade anti-spam filters?
  • Does it display properly on a laptop on an airplane and a dialup computer that's not connected to the Internet?
  • Does it display properly in default Outlook 2007 settings that suppress web graphics?
  • Will the graphical content of saved and archived messages change should you change branded email vendors?
With BrandMail® youíll answer YES to all of these questions.

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