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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is BrandMail® any different from other HTML email solutions?

A: Most other HTML email solutions are designed primarily for larger mailings and are not convenient to use for individual, day-to-day emails. Email Stationery solutions will often display poorly on various email programs other than the one you are using. Both of these solutions also often have problems with being stopped by SPAM filters.

BrandMail® is designed primarily for use for your day-to-day business e-mail correspondence that passes SPAM filtering and displays well on all commercial email clients. For more information on why BrandMail® is simply the best email branding solution you can use, click here to See how BrandMail® beats the competition.

BrandMail® also provides you with the ability to customize your email template using any HTML layout you or your web designer can create, or one that you have us design for you. If you are in expert in designing email HTML so that it displays correctly everywhere and pass spam filters, you can even change your format easily at any time by sending in a new one by email. You can also have multiple formats that you can easily reference from email for different communications that you send.

Q: What will my BrandMail® email look like?

A: You have the choice of using the 8 standard BrandMail® layouts that are already set up for you or providing your own via email.

In the default template, your logo or business graphics, either from your letterhead or artwork you provide, will be at the top along with the current date. The rest of the template is filled in from the information in your account. Click here to view a sample.

If you provide your own template, you or your Web designer can lay it out any way you want and include any information you choose to. Fonts, colors, and graphics are fully under your control, as with a Web page as long as you provide a valid HTML tempate with the BrandMail® parameters in place. Full instructions are available on request to registered users.

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Q: Can I send attachments?

A: Yes, you can attach files to your email messages as always. And, with BrandMail®, when you send contracts, drawings, and other files, they arrive with a professional-looking transmittal letter that displays in the recipient's email inbox.

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Q: Do BrandMail® emails take longer to arrive?

A: Our server is very efficient and typically formats your email and sends it on its way in second or two. Most of our customers note that BrandMail® arrives faster than with their previous mail service as we pay careful attention to this aspect of our service.

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Q: How big are BrandMail® email files? Do they take longer to download?

A: The default templates are about 10-20KB, small enough to be received quite quickly by recipients' email programs. If you design and provide your own template, and its size will depend on the complexity of the template, especially the size of the graphics you include.

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Q: Can I send BrandMail® to multiple recipients, CC:'s and BCC's?

A: Yes. With BrandMail® you continue to use email as always. Any email you can send without BrandMail® can be sent with BrandMail®.

The only thing to note is that there is a limit on the number of recipients to whom you address one email, to discourage attempts at SPAM. If you exceed the current limit, you will get a message from our server letting you know, but this should not be an issue for regular business corresondence. Please see the next, related question.

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Q. Can I use BrandMail® for mass mailings?

A: Yes. Both BrandMail® and the LetterClick automated letter service provide list-mailing options that are not restricted by the number of recipients. Both of these services enable you to send individually addressed emails or letters that appear to be a 1-to-1 correspondence. This will give you superior response over email addressed to multiple recipients.

You must use permission-based lists, and SPAM is not allowed. There is a small extra charge for using these services.

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Q: What if I want to send certain emails without the formatting?

A: For the occasional email message that you want to be more anonymous, just type NOBRAND at the beginning of the subject line. That tells the BrandMail® server to send that message on as is (other than stripping the word "NOBRAND" out of the subject line).

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Q: Can't someone use my signature from my emails to forge documents?

A: First of all, that would be attempted forgery, and forgery is a crime. Second, the signatures on BrandMail® are screen resolution, which is courser than printing resolution. If one is printed, it is fairly obvious that the signature is not an original. For additional security, we suggest that you use your first name signature on BrandMail®. This also makes your BrandMail® emails more personal and engaging.

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Q: What about the security of my information and communications

A: At LetterClick, security of your information is a top priority. All of your data items are stored with your account in 128-bit RSA double key encrypted format. Even your password is stored in encrypted form. This means that even if our systems were penetrated electronically by an intruder and your data was stolen, it could not be used. This is one of the strongest forms of protection that can be given to your sensitive information.

In addition, our servers are configured for maximum protection of your communications themselves, and no logs or copies are kept of BrandMail® emails.

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