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BrandMail® Efficient and Easy to Set Up
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LetterClick enables you to offer your company's employees a highly effective addition to the email services that they use daily, without stressing your infrastructure resources.

Setting up and implementing LetterClick BrandMail® is about as simple a process as you are going to come across. LetterClick is an outsourced ESP service that formats text email messages from desktops, laptops, PDAs and even cell phones into rich business communications. BrandMail® formats outgoing text email using a company-defined HTML template.

There is no new software to install and support. You just relay email outside your domain through our SMTP pre-filter, and we transmit the formatted message to recipient(s). Optionally you can route the formatted messages through an SMTP server of your choice.

If you require, LetterClick software can be licensed for hosting and administration by you on your own servers. Minimum Load on Staff and Infrastucture LetterClick services are available as a totally outsourced and secure ESP solution that places minimum load on your IT resources and infrastructure. Our outsourced solution can be accessed with standard Internet browsers and by straightforward routing of email leaving your company.

Setup and account management for both LetterClick services are done through a web interface. LetterClick BrandMail® services are accessed by email via an SMTP pre-filter. You configure email routing for addressees outside your internal domain to the BrandMail® server. Security Confidentiality and security of your business communications is job #1 at LetterClick. These are cornerstones of our business and we will incorporate any additional security measures required by your business policies. You can be assured of the full confidentiality and security of business communications using BrandMail® or LetterClick letter services.

No logs or copies of email messages are kept by our BrandMail® server, and the actual Internet email sending can be routed back through your own SMTP server, if preferred, for absolute control of SMTP logs.

BrandMail® is produced automatically by our secured Internet systems. Alternatively, server software can be licensed and installed on your own Windows server inside the corporate firewall, so that all email service is under the control of your company.

High-resolution signature scans, passwords and payment information are also kept in strongly encrypted formats that protect your data in the event of malicious penetration of our servers.

Call 1-800-743-4985 now or email us at brandmarketing@letterclick.com.

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