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Hundreds of Additional Brand Impressions for Pennies a Day with BrandMail®
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You work hard to increase your company's brand awareness. Now, you can increase the number of brand impressions your company makes by hundreds or thousands per day with BrandMail®! Call it "branding on a budget" for a tight economy.

And it's simple. Your people continue to use their email as usual. Behind the scenes, LetterClick BrandMail® automatically adds your company's graphics and formatting to every external email before delivery every email, every day. They can even include your users' scanned signatures, titles, phone and fax numbers, so they are completely personalized. Increase Impact & Readership Email has become a crowded and generic communication medium. With BrandMail® you increase impact and readership of messages from your employees. Their emails look more professional, are more personally engaging, and stand out from the plethora of messages that arrive in a recipient's inbox daily.

Marketing research tells us that online marketing is effective for increasing brand awareness. Now every email you and others in your firm send can make an additional brand impression, and for literally pennies a day! No longer is graphical email limited to mass marketing. You are in Control You centrally and conveniently control the email impressions being made on prospects, customers, vendors and partners. It doesn't take an IT department guru to administer. You determine,

  • The formatting, graphics and fonts,
  • What user information is included, and
  • Who in your company uses BrandMail®.
Have everyone in the company making brand impressions with BrandMail®, or perhaps just those in sales, marketing, customer service, and the executive offices. You can even design different formats for different departments. Also Great for Direct & One-to-One Marketing LetterClick also helps make it easier to market your product and services. You can easily send personalized, branded email letters to lists of customers or prospects at competitive rates.

LetterClick email letters provide highly personalized, branded messages that look like individually written, addressed and signed business correspondence. Because of that, they significantly increase response rates for email marketing.

LetterClick's BrandMail® letter service can also be accessed from your e-commerce, sales and customer service systems to provide highly professional and impactful correspondence with customers, prospects and vendors. Your Web site or in-house systems can easily generate email letters or BrandMail® without human intervention. Use LetterClick's services to create a stronger brand identity and highly personal communications experience for your customers. Affordable! Corporate BrandMail® is avaliable at 100 or more users. You get great brand impressions, targeted to your market for under a penny each. Personalized volume emailings are provided at $0.02 per email.

Call 1-800-743-4985 now or email us at brandmarketing@letterclick.com.

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