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Stand Out from Your Competition With LetterClick BrandMail®
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LetterClick BrandMail® gives you a more professional look and a great personal touch, with the convenience and efficiency of email. BrandMail®,
  • Makes your everyday emails more engaging
  • Increases your memorability
  • Gets attention for your message over competitors'
  • Looks like you and your staff made more of an effort that you care more about the customer's business.
The key is that it takes no more effort. In fact, you and your staff don't do anything differently. You continue to use your same email program, just as you always have. BrandMail® works behind the scenes to apply your custom template to every email that leaves your company.

You can also integrate BrandMail® with your in-house sales or CRM software. Even automatically generated messages from your CRM system or Web site can have the professional and personal impact of BrandMail®. Fully Customizable The standard email template includes your users' scanned signatures, titles, phone and fax numbers, so they are completely individualized. You also have control of the text font and color, and what other branding and promotional information is included. Use a professional letterhead-like template, or design a more promotional one to introduce new products and services, publicize specials, or announce seasonal items. You can change the look or promotional message in all your company's emails just by uploading a new template. One-to-One Marketing LetterClick BrandMail® also supports emailings in rich HTML formats to your permission-based lists of customers and prospects, to enhance your marketing efforts.

LetterClick automated business letters make it possible for your employees (or your e-commerce applications) to easily generate full business letters on your letterhead and in chosen fonts and formats. Affordable! Corporate BrandMail® is avaliable at 100 or more users. You get great brand impressions, targeted to your market for under a penny each. Personalized volume emailings are provided at $0.02 per email.

Call 1-800-743-4985 now or email us at brandmarketing@letterclick.com.

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