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Competitive Comparison of Email Branding Solutions
Available for Outlook
Available for Outlook Express ?
Available for Outlook Web access
Available for Mac Entourage only
Available for iPhone
Available for Unix
Available for Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage Entourage only
Available for BlackBerry
Available for Lotus Notes
Automatically adds uniform logo and stationery
Automatically adds optional personal signature 2003 & 2007 only
Automatically adds uniform, complete contact information
Transmits a vCard
Automatically adds an optional disclaimer
Automatically adds user controlled marketing message/link
Works with Replies and Forwards
Automatic creation/addition of Personal vCard
Eliminates distribution/installation across desktops
Can be configured to apply to all email of a company
Can be disabled for internal company email Minimal
Requires additional storage or bandwidth for email
Displays correctly in AOL
Displays correctly in Text email programs Poorly formatted ? ?
Displays correctly in non Microsoft email programs Sometimes poorly formatted
Always displays correctly offline
Displays correctly years later from stored email
Requires extra storage space in senders email Moderate
Passes Outlook 2003 & 2007 Junk filter
Passes Spam Assassin with Score < 3.0 and AOL Spam filters Sometimes
Typical size added to recipient message 9KB, unlimited viewing 5-40KB, depends on designer 4KB, limited viewing 4KB, limited viewing
Typical size added to Sent Items folder 0KB 5-40KB, depends on designer 4KB, limited viewing 4KB, limited viewing
Cost per single user first year, 1-4 users $119.50 Internal Resources 2-8 hours $300 ? $92.00
Cost per single user subsequent years, 1-4 users $99.50 Internal Resources 2-8 hours ? $72.00
Cost per user, 500 seats, first year $79.50 Internal IT Admin Resources $66.00 ?
Cost per user, 500 seats, subsequent years $79.50 Internal IT Admin Resources $60.00 ?
Ongoing IT desktop install/support costs Minimal High Moderate Moderate
Ongoing IT server support costs Minimal Moderate Minimal Minimal

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