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BrandMail® - Email That Gets You Noticed And Remembered
Let Email Do Double Duty Your small business probably already uses email for at least some business correspondence because of the speed, convenience and low cost. Now, every email you send can enhance your brand and help make your business more memorable.

With BrandMail® you get the ease of email, while relaying a professional image and making your message more likely to be read and remembered. It is the perfect solution for boosting your image in your communications with customers and clients. Look More Professional You wouldn't send a business letter on plain paper, so why settle for plain, generic-looking email? With BrandMail®, your everyday email is carefully formatted and includes your logo, contact information, and can even include your scanned signature and link to your Web site. Your company looks bigger and more professional, and it looks like you took more effort to communicate with your customers, clients and prospects. The key is, you don't do anything differently! You continue to use the same email program you use now. It all happens automatically, behind the scenes. Click here to receive a sample. Literally Pennies a Day BrandMail® is only $9.95/month per user, with a $20 setup charge. You can't find a better value for marketing and promoting your business! BrandMail® makes professional "best impressions" that build your business every day as you send routine email. You can do mass-emailings too, to your mailing list, for only 2 cents each. (But no spam allowed.) Great for Your Web Site & E-Commerce, Too If you have a web site for your business, it can directly connect to LetterClick to automatically generate highly personalized email to communicate thanks for an order or inquiry, send requested information, report shipment of orders, etc. 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee Try it today! There is a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you can't lose. And you can cancel at anytime after that. Sign up now and send in your registration materials to begin using LetterClick BrandMail® and automated letter services right away. Your email will stand out above the rest and get more attention. Your professional image and company brand will be enhanced with every email you send.

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