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Technology Licensing
LetterClick technology rights and ASP software are available for licensing and inclusion in your business services. LetterClick uses innovative, patented technology that produces rich forms of written communication from simple text email. Our technology has numerous applications and is suitable for companies in several business areas, including: If you are interested in using LetterClick in your in-house or commercial solutions, please contact us by email at licensing@letterclick.com or call 1-800-743-4985. Sales Force & Customer Service Enablement LetterClick makes these customer-facing employees more productive and encourages highly professional communications with customers and prospects. Every email communication now enhances the image of the company and the professionalism of the employee making the contact. Automated business letters and professional looking emails can be generated at any point in the CRM cycle, such as follow-up to a customer service call. E-commerce LetterClick technology makes it easy to generate branded, personalized acknowledgements during the order and customer service process. For example,
  • Generate and send a fully-imaged email business letter to acknowledge orders.
  • Easily send high-impact emailings to customer or prospect lists.
  • Follow up customer service contacts with easily-generated branded email to wow your customers.
  • Send requested info as an attachment to a great looking cover letter.
Email Services (including wireless email providers for PDAs and cellular phones) Providers of text email services for PCs or handheld devices can now offer premium services. With LetterClick technology, your users can send professional-looking branded emails and/or FAX and postal business letters from the convenience of the text email you know how to provide. This added functionality, convenience and utility for the users offers you the potential for added revenue and competitive advantage that differentiates you from your competition. Contact Us Our technology is protected by U.S. patent numbers 6,438,584 and 6,440,115, and various pending patent actions in the U.S. and internationally.

For more information on application of LetterClick technology in your business area, please contact us by email at licensing@letterclick.com or call 1-800-743-4985.

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