LetterClick Affiliate Program pays you for referrals

LetterClick actively seeks referral partners who recognize the value in BrandMail and would like to recommend BrandMail to their customers and or website contacts. It's easy to signup for this program, just click here for the rules and registration form.

BrandMail offers an excellent opportunity to effortlessly add to your revenues. Upon registering with our program, we provide you a trackable entry link to our website. This link tags your referrals who enter our site through your link for credit to your affiliate ccount when they sign up... even if in a later return session!

You receive 10% of what they order in the first year. You receive double (20% of total) if your referrals are "closed orders" with payment information (not trial accounts) that become active BrandMail accounts and that do not require sales contact or any followup by us to become active subscribers or to obtain payment.

LetterClick Strategic Solution Partners

LetterClick has the following strategic partners. We have integrated our solution with the offerings of these partners to provide higher value offering for your business email needs. In every case, we can directly sell you the combined solution. Contact us for more information on the integrated solutions we have with the following partners.

Outsource Your Email Services with Qordia

LetterClick can offer you outsourced email services (with or without BrandMail) that are enterprise strength through our partner Qordia.

Qordia provides outsourced email services based upon MS Exchange. Qordia’s solution is ideal for companies who depend heavily upon email and wish to reduce their annual operating costs while improving their overall level of service. Qordia’s solution is also an excellent choice for Health Care and Financial Securities firms who need to meet strict government requirements (eg: HIPAA) for their email systems.

Qordia’s customers enjoy instant deployment, outstanding reliability, advanced email features, no hardware or software expenditures, and outstanding knowledge-based email support, for a low predictable monthly cost.

If you are a CEO or IT Manager, you never have to lose sleep again over malfunctioning email systems that are critical to your business. Your mission critical email systems will run according to Fortune 1000 standards and 24x7reliability for employees in your office and on the road world-wide. Contact us today for more information on a comprehensive email solution for your business.